Compiled Clyde L. and Carol L. Goodman

Including Edwards, Hiett, Goodman, Hamilton, and other Surnames
Being the genealogy of Clyde L. Goodman

Also See Clyde L. and Carol L. Goodman's Goodman Family History



(Great, great, great, great, great Grandfather of Clyde L. Goodman)

David Edwards Senior (b. 10/14/1690 - d. 11/2/1781) married on 3/14/1714 to Isabella (Downing) Edwards


(David Senior also had a brother William Edwards, age unknown.)

(There may have been more children, but that is not known at this time. It is also uncertain at this time if the birth and death dates are correct and it has not been verified if David was married to Isabella or not.)

(The above information comes from a book by Doris Slaughter who has researched the Edwards and Hiett families and other related families. She shows the original sources for her data. She lives in Benton, KY.)

Nothing else is known about the family

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(Great, great, great, great Grandfather)

David Edwards - born 5/1757 – 7/11/1839, born in Southampton Co., Va., the son of David Edwards, Senior, and died in Muhlenberg Co., Ky. He married a woman who was born in N. C., her name is not known at this time.


Nothing else is known about his family

(The above information is also from the book by Doris Slaughter.)

(Great, great, great Grandfather)

(1850 Census of Muhlenberg Co., Ky., Dist. 1+2)

John Edwards (5/5/1810 – died before 1/6/1893) born in Ky., a farmer, his father, David, was born in Virginia and his mother was born in N. C. He married in Todd Co., Ky., on 1/7/1830 to Elizabeth “Betty” Starks, she was born in Ky. 2/24/1811. Her father was born in Virginia and her mother was born in N. C.

Nancy Artimisia Jane 1/24/1831 – 4/3/1905 born in Ky.

Marion (m) born ~1833 in Ky.

Martha Ann Josephine Beachem born? 11/18/1835 in Ky., married on 12/14/1854 to Wm. H. Burd born ~1835 in Ky., a farmer, and in 1870 had 3 children, Mary E. (age 10), Henry B. (age 8) and Sarah E. (age 2)

Albert Allen born ~1838 in Tenn., a farmer, married on 8/17/1859 to Mary I. Pace born ~1838 in Ky., and in 1870 had 2 children, Jas. R. W. (age 9) and Hardin F. (age 5)

Andrew Jackson born ~1840 in Ky.

Maranda Elizabeth born? 9/2/1839 in Ky.

Sylvester Henderson born ~1845 in Ky.

Mary Merilla (Polly) b. 12/29/1846 in Ky.

John Howell born ~1850 in Ky.

John had a second wife, Fanny who had died by 10/11/1900.

(Great, great Grandfather)

(1850 Census of Muhlenberg Co., Ky., Dist. 1 + 2)

Samuel Mote Grace 2/18/1824 – 1/24/1889 a farmer, born in Christian Co., Ky., and died in Marshall Co., Ky., and buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky., his tombstone reads: “Only sleeping”, son of Joseph and Martha W. (Wells) Grace, (Joseph Grace may have been born ~1798 in N. C. and may have died in Christian Co., Ky., married in Muhlenberg Co., Ky. on 4/25 or 28/1846 to:
 Nancy Artimissie (Edwards) Grace
1/24/1831 – 4/3/1905 born in Muhlenberg Co., Ky., probably died in Marshall or Calloway Co., Ky., and is buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky., with her husband, Samuel, and her tombstone also reads: “Only sleeping”

Martha E. (born~1847 in Ky.) married Joel Ben Smith on 8/31/1866 (#1477) in Marshall Co., Ky., with verbal consent given by her father and witnessed by S. F. Kirksey and G. S. Anderson (Bk. 2 M/D)
Sylvester L. (Age 2) born in Ky.
John H. ~1850 or 51 – 2/16/1927 (Bk A – 52) born in Ky., married Maria C. Slaughter on 1/25/1872 in Marshall Co., Ky.

(According to the census, the Grace’s were next to the Edwards’ family, including Nancy’s parents and eight other children.)

(Samuel had a sister, Nancy L. Grace, born in 1826 in Christian Co., Ky., and a brother James L. Grace, 1838 –1888 or 1910, born in Christian Co., Ky., and died in Johnson Co., IL.  He married Harriet Hobbs and / or Mary A. Hale.)

(1870 Census of Marshall Co., Ky.)

Samuel Mote Grace (Age 46) a farmer, born in Ky.

Nancy A. (Edwards) Grace (Age 36) keeping house, born in Ky., illiterate

Sylvester (b. 9/30/1846) in Ky.
John H. ~1850 – 2/16/1927 born in Ky.
(Mary L. Grace born in 1853, married on 11/18/1869 #1784, to David Gardner with verbal consent of father and married at the home of S. M. Grace’s in Marshall Co., Ky., (Bk 2 M/D) and died in Marshall Co., Ky. (Vol. 14 Cer. 6870) The couple lived next to her parents.)

(P. M. [f] 1/1855 – 4/5/1855 died at 3 months in Marshall Co., Ky., cause of death: Quincey, as stated on the Death Record.)

Sarah A. (b. 12/25/1856) born in Ky.
Maranda L. (3/13/1859 – 9/24/1887) born in Ky.
Marena or Almarena A. ~1861 or 63 - 1935 born in Ky., buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky., married to A. A. Borders (according to son’s tombstone)  There is an infant buried with her, but has no maker. 
Nancy M. ~1864 – 6/22/1953 born in Ky., married in Paducah, Ky., in 1883 to William Marshall Owings
Wm. E. ~1868 - ?12/27/1916 born in Ky., died in “Hopkins” (Vol. 61 Cert #30380), married Alice “A. A.” ~1892, and in 1900 in Calloway Co., Ky., Wadesboro Dist., had 3 children, Zula B. (b. 3/1894), Willie (f) (b. 4/1895) and Joseph Lee 2/28/1898 – 10/3/1918, he is buried in the Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky.  Joseph Lee Grace is buried in the same cemetery, Owing Cem., where his grandparents, Samuel Mote and Nancy Artimisia Jane “A. J.” Grace are buried.  His tombstone reads: “Our darling one has gone before to greet us on the blissful shore”.

(According to the census, Martha A. (Edwards) Burd and family, a sister of Nancy Artimisia (Edwards) Grace, and Albert A. Edwards and family, a brother of Nancy Artimisia (Edwards) Grace, lived up and down the road from Samuel and Nancy Grace.)

(1880 Census of Marshall Co., Ky.)

Sylvester L. Grace married 3/19/1874 (age 31) born in Ky. 
Martha D. (Hiett) (Age 34) born in Ky.

Nancy Maud or Modana (born ~1876)
Frank Pender (born ~1879)

John H. Grace (Age 27) born in Ky., married to Maria C. (Slaughter) born in Ky., (Age 22) on 1/25/1872 (#1993) with verbal consent of her guardian in Marshall Co., Ky., by Henry Lents, J. P. at M. C. Bourland’s witnessed by M. C. Bowland and W. Z. Hurt (Bk. 2 M/D)

Ida (born ~1877)

James W. Parks (Age 23) born in N. C., married on 7/13/1876 (#2369) to Maranda Louberth (Grace) T/L 3/13/1859 – 9/24/1887 (Age 21) born in Ky., and buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky., witnessed by her grandparents John and Elizabeth Edwards at Malon Grace’s in Marshall Co., Ky., (Bk 3 – M/D)

Charles A. (born ~ 1878) lived in Shamrock, TX.
Edward Guilford 3/27/1880 – 7/7/1884, buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky.

Robert Lee 5/8/1882 – 10/10/1887 buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky.

Samuel (born?) lived in Brownfield, TX.  He had a daughter, Ruby, who was called “Peachie” who married Fred Ford.  They were both ministers in a Spanish church in New Deal, TX.

(The 1900 Census of Calloway Co., Ky., Wadesboro Dist. Shows Nancy A Grace, age 67, widowed, having had 12 children, 9 living, and her daughter, Almarena, age 37, widowed, having had 5 children, 4 living, living with her with 2 grandsons, Van L. [b. 2/1887] and Jake [b. 4/1896], and 2 granddaughters, Maggie B. [b. 4/1894] and Mary G. [b. 2/1898].)

(Great Grandfather)

(1910 Census of Saline Co., IL., lists Sylvester L. Grace)

Sylvester L. Grace 9/30/1846 or 1/1850 – 1/12/1912 buried in Macedonia Cem., Mitchellsville, IL., (marking on the tombstone says 1847 - 1909)(1870 United States Federal Census shows Silvester Grace, age 21, living in Marshall Co., Ky.) married 3/19/1874 (#2184) in Marshall Co., Ky., to: Martha (Mattie) D. (Martha Jane) (Hiett) Grace 11/11/1844 - 7/16/1894 at 49 yr, 7 ½ mo. buried in Hiett Cem., Dogtown, Marshall Co., Ky., (P.871 of 1850 Census of Marshall Co., Ky. says she was born ~1838, daughter of John & Sarah [Sally]  (Jones) Hiett.)  She is the granddaughter of William Henry and Elizabeth Hiett. They were married at the home of Sally Hiett, witnessed by John Leep and G. B. Boberts (Bk 3 – M/D)  (Marshall Co., Ky., Marriage Records 1864 – 1877 Vol. II.) 

Stillborn child 1/16/1875

Nancy Maud or Modana 4/12/1876 - 5/27/1971 born in Ky., buried in the Macedonia Cem. in Mitchellsville, IL.
Frank Pender 9/19/1878 - d. 12/1/1962 born in Benton, Ky., buried at Michigan Memorial Park, Lincoln Park, Mi.
Ruth Aldzadis 1/12/1885 - 12/12/1964, (the dates according to funeral notice differ from Frank's diary), buried in Perry Mount Cem., Pontiac, Mi.  Ruth lived in Michigan with her daughter, Martha, after Ruth's husband Albert died.

(In 1890 a Marshall Co., Ky. Newspaper Genealogical Abstract, Vol. 2, stated that S. L. Grace bought a lot in town and will erect a residence.)

(Sylvester had a brother D. L. (Uncle Lee Grace) (b. ~1869 - d.10/18/1944 at75 yr.) that was in business with Frank in Harrisburg. They had a clothing store in the late 1800s. But D. L. Grace was not listed in Saline Co., IL., in the 1910 Census.  They may have had business problems.  According to “The Weekly Ledger” on Thursday, `10/14/1897, listed under “Local Gossip”: D. L. Grace was well known in the community and had many friends who regretted to hear of his sudden downfall and disgrace.” (This was taken from “Calloway Co., Ky. Historical Records Vol. One [Newspapers] by Simmons Historical Publications.)  Omit: D. L. was married to Emma Grace (died 5/2/1943). They had 2 girls, Mina and Lena, and a boy, Vernon. )

(1900 Census of Calloway County, KY.)

D. L. (Lee) Grace 7/1869 or 1870 – 10/18/1944 died at age 75 yr., born in Ky., living in Murray, Ky., and both parents were born in Ky., head of the household, married 11 years to:

Emma Grace 3/1872 – 5/2/1943 born in Ky., and both parents were born in Ky., she had 6 children but only 3 were living in 1900

Infant Son 11/9/1889 – 11/10/1889 buried in Owing Cem., Calloway co., Ky., his tombstone reads: “Budded on earth to bloom in heaven”

Ona Belle 9/23/1890 – 6/20/1891 buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky., her tombstone reads: “She is not dead but sleepeth”

Lena born 11/1891 in Ky.

Mina P. 11/1894 – 5/22/1981 (#12496) born in Ky., she married Lester E. Holmes and they lived at 719 Madison St., Paducah, Ky.  He died first.  She is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens.  (Cem. is located at intersection of Hwy #1241 – Old Hwy 45 – and Florence Station Rd. in McCracken Co., Ky.)

Altie M. born 9/1896 in Ky.

Bernard 10/9/1901 – 6/27/1902 buried in Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky., his tombstone reads: “Gone to be an angel”

(Mollie Crosby [born 10/1880] in Ky., listed as a servant of the family.)

(“Cemeteries in Calloway County, Ky.”, listed: Bernard Grace, son of D. L. & Emma, 10/9/1901 – 1/27/1902, and Infant son of D. L. &  Emma. 11/9 – 10/1889, and Samuel M. Grace 2/18/1824 – 1/24/1889, all buried in the Owing Cem., Calloway Co., Ky.)

Sylvester L. Grace married on 10/23/1895, to Mary Louisa or Lula "Lou" Hamilton b. ~1878 or 1879 - ~1935 (in Gaskin City, IL.), she was the daughter of L. C. Hamilton of near Hamlet.  She was also the sister of Henry Oscar Hamilton, the husband of Nancy Maud (Grace) Hamilton. They were married at the home of Will Southland, who was also one of the witnesses.

Lillie May or Maye 5/17/1898 - 9/20/1957 born in Ky. (buried in Macedonia Cem., Mitchellsville, IL.)

Elza “Elzie” Eugene ~1900 – 10/27/1946 born in Ky., and died in Cape Girardeau, Mo., married, but wife’s name is not known at this time or if there were any children from this marriage

Thelma B. born ~1901 in Ky.

Panzy A. born ~1903 in Ky.

Flossie Aileen (Aline) 8/2/1907 or 1908-? born in Ky.

Ishmael Clark 11/14/1909 - 12/9/1951, born in Harrisburg, IL., died in St. Louis, Mo.

(The information was found in the Hiett Family Bible, birth certificates, death certificates, obituary notices, and personal family accounts, newspaper ads and 1870 Federal Census. The above-listed marriage dates are from Marshall Co., Ky., Marriage Records, Vol. 2.)

Nancy Maud Grace married on 12/5/1896 in Benton, Ky., to Henry Oscar Hamilton (b. 12/71874 - d. 10/3/1949) (born in Ky., and buried in Macedonia Cem., Mitchellsville, IL.). He was the son of Clark and Galeino (Lyles) Hamilton, both of whom were born in Ky.  They lived at 214 W. National, and 28 N. Club in Harrisburg, (Gaskin's City) IL.  They also lived in Delwood and Eddyville, IL.

Maurell Hamilton ~ 7/12/1904 or 05 or 06 – 6/2/1973 born in Ky., married Brownell Rude 9/10/1900 – 3/7/1952 (they are both buried in Macedonia Cem., Mitchellsville, IL., the marker is in the first row next to the ditch)

Ada Lee (b. 12/9/1927) (currently living in Vincennes, In.) married Cohen Peters, deceased
Donald David married Sharon, deceased
Clarence Ray married Louvinia, Clarence is deceased
Nancy Lucinda married Lee Beaston, deceased

After Maurell’s husband, Brownell Rude, died, she married Charles Cory in 1955 and lived in Longview, Washington. In 1971 they were involved in an automobile accident and she was killed, but he survived.

Geneva Marie Hamilton 3/24/1908 – 4/7/1991 born in IL., married Myral Moore (died in 1978) in Harrisburg, IL., on 12/14/1927. Both are buried in Bramlits Cem., Muddy, IL. Omit this: They had at least 3 children

Myral Norman (b. 1/16/1927 - d. 3/24/1954) was in the Korean War and was an MIA and never found.

(There is a monument in Sunset Lawn Cem., Harrisburg, IL. Sect. E, West Side, South of Sect. D. recorded from East by rows North to South. It reads: Moore, P.F.C., Myral N. In Memory of, Co. K, 23 Inf. Regt. Lost His Life in Korea.)

Deloris Elouise “Tootsie” (b. ~ 1932) married Robert Cole, deceased, then John O. Martin, also deceased
Helen married Glenn Shewmaker, deceased, and she lives in McKinney, TX.
Colleen (b. 1934 or 35) married Gene Wise, deceased, then Bill Bryan and _?_ Morrow, she now lives in Lincoln, IL.
Jerry married Judy, Jerry is deceased
Bill married Carolyn Martin and lives in Lincoln, IL.
Maudie married Andy Hornbeck and they live in California
Earl (b. 10/18/1910) He died at age 7 years.

Henry Ardell Hamilton (2/4/1913 – 12/23/1995) married on 4/25/1939 to Edna Lucille Mitchell (5/18/1921 – 5/15/1994) and they had 12 children, and Dorothy “Dotty”, Edna’s daughter by previous marriage. They lived in Harrisburg, IL. (they are both buried in the Salem Cem., Carrier Mills, IL.)

Dorothy married _?_ Taylor, then Paul Lukancic  (stepdaughter he helped raise)

Ronald Clark married Marlene Jones, deceased, then Dared (from Viet Nam)
Judith Jeanene married Ronald May
Paul Martin married Doris Mauser
Frank Wayne married Sharon Daily
Lillian Adelle married Charles Baggott, they divorced
Rosalea Ruth married Jerry Bush, deceased, then Richard Leverett, also deceased
Martha Lourita married Frank Hadley
Patricia Ann married Danny Reed, they divorced
James David married Lisa Calufetti
Lyndell Ray married LeAnn, they divorced, then married Sandra Stricklin, they divorced

Twins that were still born

Vernon Frank Hamilton (born 11/22/1917) married Alvedene. There were no children and they divorced.  He then married Virginia Mae Railey in Harrisburg, IL., on12/1/1943.

            Allan Kieth

Vernon Frank Hamilton married again after divorcing Virginia, to Darlene Grace (Crisp)

Jeffery (b. 1/26/1958)


Clarence Ray

(The four children of Oscar and Maud that did not live to adulthood, Rupert, Herbert, Earl and Clarence Ray, all died as young children. One of them is buried close to the grave of S. L. Grace, his grandfather, in the Macedonia Cem., Mitchellsville, IL., “by a big tree” and there is no marker


Frank Pender Grace, on 8/14/1898 married Lillian Bell Allsopp 1/31/1881 – 9/6/1940 at 59 yr, 7 mo.) (she was a diabetic before she died) she was the daughter of William and Fanny B. (Hensly) Allsopp.  Her guardian and step-mother, Mary A. Allsopp signed for her marriage consent of minor to Frank. (born in IL., buried in Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock, Mi.) Omit this:They had 4 children:

Mary Maurine Grace 5/26/1899 – 6/16/1959 at 60 yr, 22 days and buried in Ferndale Cem. in Mi.) married Jack Mayo, and they had 3 children, they divorced and she married Franklin Earl Sphar in Dearborn, Mi.  He died  12/10/1951.

Louise 3/6/1917 – 2/24/1972 married Emil Esz, they lived in Dearborn, Mi.  Louise died of a stroke.

Yvonne married _?_ Lollio and they had 4 children, Rick, John (deceased), Geno and Toni (f)

Michael married Luisa and they had 2 children, Michael and Eric.  They divorced and he married Carol

Terry Lee married Rose and they had 1 son, Emil “Buddy”

Annabelle 1/1/1920 – 6/2/1973 married _?_ Simon and had a son, Rodney, then married Jack Kruger on 2/1/1947 and they had 2 girls, Sandrie and Marie, then married Ernie Guice  and they were still married at the time of her death

Charles (born ?) lived in Dearborn, Mi., and married and had at least 1 male child

(Lillian Bell had a sister, Katie A. Allsopp [b. 5/31/1875] who married Harry Wills.  They lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Harry Wills had been a witness to Frank and Lillie Belle Grace’s marriage.)

Gladys Eloise Grace 11/26/1900 – 8/9/1991 married on 1/26/1922 to Arthur F. Goodman  2/13/1893 – 9/21/1959 in Harrisburg, IL. He was born in DuQuoin, IL. and lived in Cobden, IL. Arthur had been married to Goldie (Cooley) and they had 2 children, Arthur Eugene and Corrinne May. (Omit this:They had 3 sons: ) After Arthur died she married on 12/1/1961 to Thomas Esco Keneipp 11/23/1896 – 3/18/1983.  He was born in Mitchellsville, IL. and lived in Harrisburg, IL.  Esco’s father and mother, Tom and Anna Keneipp had a neighborhood store located at 110 W. Homer, Harrisburg, IL., and they lived across the street at 105 W. Homer.  They turned the business over to their son, Thomas Esco Keneipp and he ran the store for many years before retiring. 

Arthur Eugene 7/23/1916 – 10/28/2001 stepson she helped  raise, buried in Cobden Cem., Cobden, IL.

Corrinne May 1/4/1919 – 10/26/2002 stepdaughter she helped raise, buried in Cobden Cem., Cobden, IL.

Kenneth Harold 7/5/1923 – 7/10/1997, buried in Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Arthur, Jr., 11/14/1924 – 6/17/2001 buried in Jonesboro Cem., Jonesboro, IL.
Clyde L. born 5/2/1927

(See Goodman Family History for more details of Goodman Family.)

William Franklin Grace (6/29/1902 - 11/10/1902) died from colic at 4 mo, 14 days.

Frank P. Grace, Jr. (11/10/1904 - 11/16/1968) married Bessie Mabel Collins.  She had a son David Willis “Bud” Johnson (died in 1994 at age 70) from her first marriage with Archibald Johnson.  He died and she married Frank.  After Bessie died from a stroke in Lincoln Park, Mi., (8/1/1956 at age 51) he married Anne Fischer in 1957.  (She had a son Bill Parm from a previous marriage.)

David Will “Bud” Johnson, stepson he helped  raise

Frank Donald 6/17/1933 or 34 – 7/22/1987 married Virginia Anne Wolcott on 10/25/1952 and they had 2 children, Sharon Lee b. 6/23/1956, married Jeffrey Turner on 12/4/1976 and had one daughter, Jessica Lee b. 9/13/2001 who married Sean Crawford on 0/13/2001 and had one daughter, Gwendolen Grace b. 1/26/2003, and Barbara Jean b. 2/3/1959 married Francis Canning in 3/1976 and had one son, Francis Donald “Frankie” b. 9/7/1976 who married Tara Draper on 9/5/2003 and they had one daughter, Lindsey Marie b. 5/12/2005.  They divorced and she married Charles Heinzerling and they divorced and she married Dale Wood.

(Note: both daughters of Donald and Virginia married Taylor, Mi., policemen and one grandson is also a policeman in Taylor, Mi. )
Alice Faye 10/9/1937 – 5/20/1998 she died at home/apartment in Detroit, Mi. – found dead, cause unknown.  She is buried in Michigan Memorial Cemetery, Flat Rock, Mi., with parents and other family members.  She had a daughter, Evilyn Grace b. 11/8/1964, who married Terry Henry in 8/1987.  They had one son, Justin Paul b. 11/1988.  From 1968, at age 4, Evilyn was raised by Donald and Virginia Grace. 

            (Frank and his family “moved on a farm” 4/5/1910)

            (Frank and his family “moved from Baton Rouge, La., in       1917”)

            (Above comments are from Frank P. Grace’s diary.)

            (Frank P. Grace and wife Lilly Belle lived with Frank P.  Grace, Jr. and wife Bessie for a period of time.)


Then Frank, Sr. married Rosalie P. Leavenworth (7/26/1874 - 4/2/1956) on 1/3/1945.

Ruth E. Grace married Albert Goodman. They had 4 daughters:

Violet 7/2/1909 – 2/2000
Blanche 8/10/1912 – 12/28/1990
Mildred 10/23/1915 – 7/13/1984
Martha b. 6/1/1920
She also helped raise Albert's son, Roy 2/9/1906 – 2/25/1965), by his first marriage.

Male stillbirth 3/30/1922

May Grace married Harry Holland. They had 3 children:

James Wesley
Harry Lee Holland.

Aileen (Aline) Grace married Al Earl "Tiggy" Hodge on 9/24/1926 at Harrisburg, IL. After his death, she married "Ruff" Cuidan in St. Louis, Mo. on 7/8/1949. We do not know anything about their family.

Ishmael Clark Grace married Marie and they had 2 children:

Peggy Lois.

Thelma Grace married Mr. Rankin.

Male child
Male child

We do not know anything else about their family.

Panzy Grace married Edward Hale and they had 3 children:

Johnnie Earl
Edna Marie
Mandie Lou (3/12/1922 - 10/22/1924 buried in Colbert Cem., Saline Co., IL.). (She died while her mother was washing in the back yard. There was a tub of scalding water and the little girl fell into the tub and died.)


(Applecreek Township)


Charles Grace b. 12/25/1874 in Missouri, a farmer, both parents were from Germany, listed as the head of the household


                        Bertie b. 12/23/1876 in Missouri, a sister of Charles


                        Henry J. b. 1/21/1879 in Missouri, a brother of Charles


(The census noted that all three of the Graces could read and write English, they owned the house and there was no mortgage.)


(Thursday, 8/8/1907 “D. L. Grace has purchased a fine farm near Kevil, Ky.  He will move to the place within the near future.  The place has fine improvements and the residence is near the town.  Mr. Grace will continue on the road as salesman.”

Thursday, 8/18/1907 “T. E. Carson of Paducah, has purchased the D. L. Grace residence in West Murray.”)


(The above were taken from Calloway County, Ky. Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts Volume Six.)


(Thursday, 5/27/1909 and Thursday, 6/3/1909 (D. L.) Lee Grace and family will leave this week for Russellville, to make their home.”  Russellville is in Logan Co., Ky.)


(The above was taken from Calloway County, Ky. Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts Volume Nine 1/8/1909 – 8/26/1909 by Don Simmons.)


(1910 Head of Household Listing of Saline Co., IL.)

Albert Goodman
Frank P. Grace
Sylvester L. Grace

(Updated 2/13/2006)

Also See Goodman Family History

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